Self-Inquiries, “SIFT”

The "SIFT" practice, which can be used with the self-inquiries below, is described in Section V of this site. ("SIFT": Feel and Transform Our Pain)

This section presently contains Self Inquiry #1: "Terminal Diagnosis." Other self-inquiries will be listed here as they are completed.


-- You are told you have a serious illness and have but a few years to live. You will remain in good health for most of this period, and have the funds and time to live as you wish.

-- SURFACE your feelings in dealing with this diagnosis.

-- INQUIRE into your feelings: What painful emotions are you feeling? What other emotions? What thoughts are triggered? What about life will you miss most? What does it feel like in which parts of your body?

-- FEEL your feelings as fully as possible.

-- TRANSFORM these feelings into energy and action for life.How do you wish to live your last remaining years?:

o As you feel your feelings as fully as you can, and think about your terminal diagnosis, what INNER goals emerge for the next few years? Are there anything you wish to change anything yourself or in your closest relationships, different ways you wish to be in the world? How would you ideally like to live your last few years on earth? What internal obstacles or resistances do you face in doing so? Is there anything you can do to overcome them? 

o Do any OUTER goals emerge, e.g. projects you wish to complete, places you want to visit or live in, particular activities you wish to engage in? Are there people you want to close with, forgive, exclude from your life or particularly include in? What can you do to bring more love, compassion, aliveness into your last remaining years on earth?

o IMPLICATIONS FOR THE PRESENT: What implications does this self-inquiry have for your present way of life? If certain inner or outer goals emerge when you contemplate your last few years on earth, why not pursue them now? What resistances do you have to pursuing them? Do wish to begin now to overcome these resistances, if so how might you proceed?