Dr. Firestone, Other Sources

1. Dr. Robert Firestone's life and work has played a particularly important role in inspiring this website. His work can be accessed at and

Other sources relevant to this website include:

2.  Ernest Becker, author of Denial of Death. Becker's work is perpetuated through the work of the Ernest Becker Foundation, at, which is directed by Dr. Neil Elgee

3. The Terror Management Theory group of academics, led by Sheldon Solomon, Jeff Greenberg and Tom Pyszczynski,  authors of In The Wake of 9/11 (American Psychological Association Press.). Some of their work can be accessed at They can be contacted through Sheldon Solomon, at

4. Irvin Yalom's book, Existential Psychotherapy.A description is available at, click on the book Existential Psychotherapy.

5. The work of Daniel Liechty, editor of Death And Denial: Interdisciplinary Perspectives On The Legacy of Ernest Becker, (Praeger) The concept of "generative death anxiety" described in this book is particularly useful.

6. "Flight From Death: The Quest For Immortality",  a powerful video portraying Becker’s ideas, produced by Patrick Shen and Greg Bennick, available from

7. Material listed in Other Resources, Bibliography (under construction)