Talks and Workshops
 offers talks and workshops designed to help people develop a "life-affirming death awareness" in the prime of life. 

         Talks include a video of Jackie McEntee, a woman whose life was transformed by facing death, a variety of self-inquiries, experiences, and practices that can help people develop a life-affirming death awareness,/

         One and two-day workshops are heavily experiential, and include:

-- Self-inquiries and other exercises whereby workshop participants begin to develop a "life-affirming death awareness" practice;

-- Experiential opportunities to surface and feel the pain we all carry about our mortality, and to transform it into love, energy and appreciation for the preciousness of life;

-- An exploration of how life-affirming death awareness can lead to ACTION to develop psychologically, politically and socially, and spiritually;

-- A variety of videos, music and other non-verbal educational and inspirational experiences.

A major focus of the workshop is on preparing people to deal with eal-life experiences, e.g. the death of a loved one, in which they have the opportunity to face death in a way that affirms life.