Discussion Groups (under construction)

         If visitors to this website indicate an interest, will create the opportunity to participate in online discussion groups.

         The discussion groups will seek  to provide a forum whereby can learn from, and be inspired by, each other's past stories and experiences. 

         The major focus of the discussion groups, however, will be to encourage people to share their daily experiences  in the present, in developing a practice to transform death-pain into love for life. Participating in discussion groups can itself be a part of such a practice.

         Participants will agree to certain basic groundrules before  participating in TrueAliveness discussions, including:

-- agreeing to abide by the twin guidelines of compassion and honesty;

-- avoiding judgmental or abusive attitudes towards people or their experiences; and

-- respecting the sensitive nature of these discussions.


Participants will be encouraged to use pseudonyms if they feel more comfortable doing so, and agree to honor the privacy and confidentiality of other participants.
 will reserve the right to monitor discussions to ensure that they follow the groundrules that  that participants have agreed to.